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ÖÖD Rannamõisa mirror-house is only a 10-minute drive from the border of Tallinn and very easy to get to by car or public transport. The location provides excellent privacy thanks to the surrounding thick pine woods. Nearby you can visit Tilgu Port, Suurupi, and Vääna-Jõesuu beach, known for its good swimming and hiking conditions waiting for you to give it your best shot. In addition, landmarks such as the cliffs of Tabasalu and Keila Joa Waterfall are worth the visit. ÖÖD Hötels Rannamõisa is a perfect place where all your troubling thoughts dissipate, and you can enjoy some of the most impressive coastline views and wildest forest with your loved one.

Due to high seasonality check working hours beforehand.


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House rules

Treat this home as if it was your own
Pets are allowed
Remove your shoes when indoors
Do not throw cigarette butts into the indoor waste bin - use the outdoor bin for that
Fire extinguisher is located in the cabinet next to the bed
If you break or damage something, please let us know
Do not leave any food out that will attract uninvited pests
Leave the ventilation ON when you leave
Put the keys back into the lockbox when you leave
No parties allowed
No smoking indoors
No unregistered guests. No overnight visitors



It was an experience. I was there at the house for 3 nights straight - no phones, Telegrams, Pipedrive or any calls or work - just me and the nature around. Good place to read books, write. The combination of mirrored little house, with sauna, pine trees and evergreens is something that inspired me to go through my goals for 2024. Perfect place to walk around - see the forest around with the sea, smell the fresh air, cook BBQ, and just be with yourself. I even saw little deers coming up to the house! They were cute. Very calm place overall. Regarding all of the stuff in the house - everything was enough, and as some comments here say, I don't really think sauna robe is needed. I brought my own, yet still used a towel every time, works fine, it is only 5 second walk from the main house to the sauna. Maybe two little unexpected things from my side: 1. the first morning I got tricked by darkened mirrors and thought it was way earlier than it actually was. Overslept, lol. And 2. It was a little bit uncomfortable without a bathroom sink. But overall 10/10 experience, great company and story behind it, would love to check out other places now with my family and friends. Give it a shot.
Jegor January 2024
Jäime väga väga rahule! Aitäh! Soovitame omalt poolt lisada majakestesse hommikumantleid ja veiniavajat:) Kindlasti tuleme tagasi! Parimate soovidega, Alisa
Alisa December 2023
Kui tahad tõeliselt puhata, siis seal on see võimalik. Kõik vajalik olemas, mine auinult kohale ja naudi rahu ja vaikust. Võimalusel läheksin kindlasti uuesti ❤️
Eneli November 2023
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ÖÖD at Rannamõisa


ÖÖD Hötels Rannamõisa is a perfect place to marvel at the beautiful Estonian coastline, go for a swim in the refreshing Baltic Sea or simply lose track of time enjoying the beauty of sunset and sunrise.


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