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The local nature has been fairly left untouched, which means when visiting ÖÖD Hötels Rooslepa, people should be prepared to meet wildlife just outside the cabin. For those looking to be active on the water, Roosta is one of the most famous surfing destinations in Estonia. Alternatively, the thick woods are full of hiking trails for you to explore. Roosta Puhkeküla Adventure Park is waiting for you to try out the climbing trails and Dirhami Fish Cafe invites you to dine. ÖÖD Hötels Rooslepa is a perfect place, where all your troubling thoughts dissipate and you can enjoy some of the most memorable coastline views and wildest forest with your loved one.

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Thank you! We were very happy with everything! In this location, there are 4 houses quite close to each other, but we were lucky to be the only ones there on Thursday. Loved the sauna, outside lightning and a little bit longer road, so it was easier to get to the beach than last time. It was super cold outside, but warm inside and you can regulate the temperature in the house yourself. It took a bit over an hour to heat the sauna, but everything was prepared for that. It is especially magical experience with snowy forest! The only "but" was that we didn’t like the coffee there at all, but you can bring your own capsules or press. :)
Mirjam January 2023
It was a lovely stay as usual with ÖÖD houses. However we did have a problem with the shower drain in Fika house. After taking a shower the water gathered to the living room side of the shower area and then oozed, through a small crack in silicone or something, on to the living room floor and made the carpet wet. Other than that it would also be great if there were more dishes than 2 of everything so i don't have to wash everything right away.
Erkki January 2023
Võrratu koht.. kindlasti tulen veel..
Kille December 2022
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ÖÖD at Rooslepa - FIKA


ÖÖD Hötels Rooslepa is located in the wild forests of Western Estonia, where people can escape to find privacy, quiet beaches and wildlife. Rooslepa is known for some of the most beautiful beaches in Estonia as the destination provides unforgettable


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